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Incentivio iOS Apps

Incentivio is a customizable restaurant app for seamless mobile ordering experience. Incentivio has a portfolio of apps from 250+ restaurant brands across the united states of america. main key points of the incentivio is it has customizable resturant apps, guest engagement with loyalty programms, push nottifications, digital gift cards all in the app. also its has seamless mobile odering and dilivery.

I have work with the team of six iOS developers mainly on customer onboarding, feature development and bug fixing.

In Incentivio project my notable contributions are,

  • Developed a new home screen that runs a video in background and shows loyalty points on top of it for the specific customer that helps users to easily check their loyalty points in an interactive home screen.
  • Change the overall theme of the app to enable Dark mode for the app to behave according to iOS theme preferences.
  • Fix bugs, crashes to minimize the crashes record in Crashlytics and apple developer portal.
  • Publish Apps on the app store after doing the branding of the app for each customer.

check the apps in app store